A Long Goodbye

My mother, for good reasons, had to make the hard decision to send the two older horses along this spring.  I was sad about Miracle, whose birth we discovered after church one Sunday 26 years ago.  I still remember squeezing my body into the wall space between the stall and the back of the barn and peering through a knothole at his wobbly-legged, newborn self.

I was sad, too, for Millie's sake, who loves Princess dearly, though she grew too big to ride her quite a few months ago now.

The girls wanted to give them a good grooming to remove all that excess winter hair and help them look their best, so we lingered on Mom's lawn for a while.

The girls asked that I take some pictures of them with the sweet beasties.

And then they gave a few last rides to little bodies still light enough for weak backs and legs.


Nanno said...

I'm sorry to hear about the horses. We must all be getting old--Miracle was the "young rascal" long ago when I came to visit your family for spring break our freshman year. I rode him all over the place bareback that week. It's hard to let them go after so many years.

Abigail said...

That was such a fun time! I was a jerk, too, to let you ride bareback on his big, bony withers while I rode on the wither-less, smoothest-gaited Apache. Ah, well.

I hope horses are transferred to Heaven, even without souls.