Finer by Far

We could have used our circus tickets for the following morning's show, but daylight found us fixated on Making Things Instead.

(Zeke chose to hold eggs, instead.)

What's better than a circus?!  Deirdre's thirteenth birthday party, of course! Those of you who know Deirdre already know what a genuinely great girl she is.  Those who don't, well, you know it now. :)  

I'm glad my girls know her, and I'm glad her birthday is more fun than the circus.  Also (ahem-- Justin, Evan, and other able cooks), I am very, very glad I had the excuse to eat barbarian food and seconds of the best frozen yogurt I'll ever taste.  (A zillion times yummier than cotton candy.)

I brought my camera but only took a few pictures.  

Lu watching the big kids play Spud:

Lu again, enamored with Deirdre's ducks:

Those selfsame big kids playing Spud:

Aidan, enamored with Deirdre's ducks:

Those Big Kids (and Debbie!) playing soccer:

The birthday girl, herself!

I think Luci must have had my camera for these two...

The fabled big boys join in for soccer at dusk:


cadie said...

Ha! Yay! You got a picture of the soccer game! So glad y'all were able to come.

Rebecca said...

I am always so impressed with Piper's embroidery and Annika's applique is very impressive too! Such crafty goodness!

Abigail said...

So glad to be there! You are wonderful hosts, and we have you to thank for introducing my children to their now-favorite sport.