Better Than Sleep

Christmas morning breakfast by 6 o'clock-- SUGAR CEREAL!!!  EGG NOG!!!

Cadence approved of it all.

Oh, yeah. Because the table wasn't quite groaning enough under all the other sugar, how 'bout some GINGERBREAD CHILDREN!!!

They opened stockings just as the sun poked up.  John and I lounged in leisure watching the fun, and, still, Cadence fully approved.

This shows how sleepy I was for the week preceding Christmas Day.  I had wrapped presents a few days before and still managed to label this one all goofy.

McGamma, these are the happy girls who opened up the colonial paper doll set that came from your basement.  They had a partially used one just like it they'd picked up at a library sale, but this one was NEW with EVERY LAST PERSON AND FANCY DRESS INTACT.  They were utterly dumbfounded for a few minutes and could only squeal.

Speaking of dumbfounded, here is Susannah opening the Darn Tough socks you sent.  Oh, my goodness.  I felt like we'd all been given a present.  It was such a delight to watch the children enjoy each other's excitement.

Piper, too.  She was shocked to open her own pair and was dancing so much I couldn't get anything other than this blur.

Aidan was equally excited about the old phone I'd stripped and wrapped up for him.

Later that day, clutching gifts, Cadence and Aidan demonstrate that boys and girls can be quite different.

We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon lazing about and letting the day unfold. I started preparing supper while still wearing pajamas, changing out of them only when company arrived at twilight.

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