From Here to There

Since it's been 3 1/2 weeks since my last weekly post, one can certainly understand my reasons for not posting all my resolutions publicly, yes?  The last few weeks have been full to the brim and overflowing down the sides.  Looking back, it's hard to see how so much bustle could fit into a short space of time, unless governed by the same magic that springs a rabbit from a stageman's hat.

We are now on the tail end of the worst cold we've had in a few years.  "Cold" sounds too benign for it, as it laid me flat for longer than I would have liked and kept little ones awake with earaches and coughing fits and croup.  But, now, a new year stretches out ahead with who-knows-what around each bend.  Goodbye, 2017!  For the most part, we lived you well.  And welcome to you, 2018.  We're here, and ready for another spin around the sun.


Anonymous said...

Hoping all are feeling better. You and yours certainly had a busy and fun Holiday Season. And I am so Happy you decided to keep blogging. I was wondering were you order or buy your seeds from? Amelia C.

Abigail said...

Hi, Amelia!

I order almost all my seeds from Fedco Seeds (fedcoseeds.com), both those for starting indoors and those for direct seed. I usually buy beans, corn, and sugar snap peas from Agway, though, because my mom gets enormous bags, and we can split them halfsies. The nice thing about Fedco seeds is that not only do they offer many heirloom and unusual varieties but also all their seeds are non-GMO. Many offered are also organic, but their prices are much more reasonable than, say, Johnny's. Although my winter squashes and such are planted too close together to keep a pure strain for seed saving, I always save a bunch of flower seed from year to year, and if you are able to plant things far enough apart, their vegetable varieties are perfect for seed-saving, too.

Sorry for the long-winded reply, but I had forgotten it's nearly time to order, and your question brought it all out in a rush. :)

cadie said...

Sorry to hear you've all been sick. We had a bad cold, too, with incessant coughing fits. It was no fun... But we didn't have any little ones with croup and earaches. Hope you're all on the mend!

Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

Hi, Abby! Just rediscovering your blog again after a long absence. Your people are delightful as always. Do you have a Ravelry account, too? If so, how might one find you there?

Abigail said...

Right as rain-- or nearly so! Best wishes for the same in your house.

Valerie (Valkyrie? Bet you've heard that one before.),
Given that my one clumsy attempt to learn to knit occurred years ago, your best bet for an Owen knitting connection is Millie, whoe username is horsemillie. If I ever make the time to properly learn, I'll let you know. And if you ever re-enter the outdated platform of ye olde blog, let me know. :) Hope all's well!

Abigail said...

+ an s.

Always add an "s" as needed.