We are going to buy some more sleds with Christmas money but haven't been shopping yet.  Until then, old skis from the horse barn work great for Run Around Outside time.

This baby surely knows how lucky she is to have such big sisters.

I painted one of Mopsy's favorite verses as a birthday gift, and it's clear I'll never be a Timothy Botts.


Rebecca said...

oh- that is just beautiful!

I love how you made the word 'God' into fire.

Abigail said...

And now, if you didn't already, google "Timothy Botts."

He came and gave a lecture and art show at Houghton when I was a student. I gave Mom one of his books for her birthday, too, and just laughed and laughed at how elementary my gift was in comparison. Thank you for the compliment. (Mister Botts will keep me humble.)