On one of the 12 Days, the Wise Men took a pit stop to see what everyone was reading and to steal a few minutes for themselves.  (Those Little People wise men are techies.)

Another day, they hobnobbed with the sunroom residents (the wooden lass rejected his marriage proposal, as her heart belongs to crippled Pinocchio.)

The children were busy the week before Christmas finishing up gifts for each other.  Zeke's present to John was one of my favorites-- a book he illustrated, with a text he dictated to Annika.

I bought the boys a vintage Lincoln Logs set at a rummage sale.  After they opened it on Christmas Piper used it for posture exercises.  That same set is now down in the basement waiting for Zeke's birthday because once they opened the castle, the set was understandably ignored.  When I said I should probably have saved it for Zeke's birthday, instead, he said I could and that he would probably forget about it by then, so I did.  :)

One more perk of home learning-- thank you notes count as art class.

Sickness can be sweet in a house where big girls love little girls.

Zeke and Aidan, after searching for 20 minutes, found the third set of wise men hiding in tea boxes.

When everyone was still sick, it was only a few degrees above freezing in our upstairs, and I made the decision that anyone who wished to could sleep downstairs with me and the sick baby.  Everyone except Millie slept downstairs for a couple of nights.  You can think this was charming or foolhardy.  It was both.

After dumping out my purse to clean it after church one day, I laughed.  Especially thinking of purses like this...  (Yes, lego pieces, mega blocks, a bouncy ball, and one, lone shoe.  Maybe I have children?)


cadie said...

Aw man! I was thinking about you guys when the really insanely cold weather weather front was approaching. I am sorry you all had to deal with such cold! :-(

Abigail said...

It was just for a week, and it served a good purpose by reminding me of how uncomfortably cold the upstairs used to routinely be before we got a pellet stove. Cause for renewed thanks!