Storm the Gate; Scale the Walls (Or, Don't Get Too Excited, Abigail, Because Moth & Rust, They Will Corrupt)

Before the children opened new Playmobil from Grandma Owen (most of whom didn't even know they had Playmobil to open during the 12 Days), this castle was their favorite gift and occupied them from morning 'til night.  Long-winded backstory*, because I love the castle as much as they do.  Since Annika's elephants came to live with us ten years ago, we've often given children a figurine for their birthday, and Grandma O. has done the same (50% coupons at A.C. Moore or Michaels!).  I can't say enough good things about these figurines.  They've been used by many children over many years, and most are still in pretty good shape...which is more than can be said for the author of this blog.  

A year and a half ago, I stopped in at Toys R Us to use a gift card that had been kicking around in my wallet for a couple of years because we're never in Toys R Us.  In the aisle with figurines-- oh, happy day!-- I found a bunch of Schleich knights on clearance for $1.50 apiece.  I bought one of each kind, because I am a greedy person.  I've given the boys each a couple, but this year I was planning to unveil the KNIGHTS ON HORSEBACK.  Wow.

The castle came from the kind mother of John's high school buddy, and John delivered it from storage in his folk's basement on Christmas Eve.  Get this-- it's a Schleich castle, so it fits the knights perfectly, plus, it's in separate pieces, so you can build the castle differently each time!  It's one of the greatest hand-me-downs ever, if not THE greatest hand-me-down.  I took these pictures the day after Christmas, when they all played with it for hours.  Aunt Karen, make sure Janis hears about this!  Thank you notes are coming once John gets her address from Josh, but these snapshots are solid proof of their enjoyment.

Millie was even lured away from her knitting for an hour or so.

The best part about having an assortment of figurines is that right next to this tableau on the ramparts,

I saw this-- the Dreaded Mercenary Turkey, a.k.a. The Merceturkey!

The third day of Christmas, Zeke woke up before the girls did and had it all to himself for a little bit.

RUN!!!!!  It's the Dreaded Mercenary Piggie-Wiggie, calling his fellows to battle!!!

Yikes.  Those are some impressive fellows.

*Speaking of long-winded posts about toys that do not matter in light of eternal matters, keep an eye out for our "Playmobil Party Day" post, coming to these parts soon...sigh, I just love toys.

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