Guinness Book Tea-Drinking is Happening Here

Remember last year's jazzed-up dollar store mugs?  Apart from three that shattered, to great dismay, all of the others were used daily, often multiple times each day.  I was impressed by how well the designs held up, but after a year of constant use, they looked pitiful and needed to be scrubbed off and inked fresh.  Pip, Lucinda, and Aidan chose the same design (with some new flourishes), but everyone else wanted new doodles entirely.

And this year Cadence was big enough to get her own mug!  Now she can stop stealing everyone else's...

Ezekiel said he still wanted a bear, but this time, "the kind of bear that lives in the snow," and he wanted "My Little Honey Bear" in place of his name.

We used to call Birdie our screech owl when she was younger and chubbier, so she wanted that on her mug  When I showed her the screech owl doodle, though, he looked so grumpy and fierce that she requested I draw a gentler looking owl, so...no screech owl.


Rebecca said...

So- did you bake them in the oven? And they eventually came off with scrubbing? They look like almost NEW mugs- no signs of repainting anywhere.

Love all the designs- they are perfectly suited for each person. Personal favorites- the screech owl, the skunk and the elephant.

Abigail said...

There's a link in the post to my old post on how long and what temp. to bake them at (I'm too lazy to link to it here). Half the mugs were new, but for the old cups I was redoing, I used a steel wool scrubbie to get the rest of the paint off before repainting.