New Year's Eve & New Year's Day

New Year's Eve we had a handful of family up for yummy food and SO MANY FANCY DRINKS.
(Homemade eggnog, all the sparklies, and butterbeer!)  I felt compelled to take-- and then to share-- this terrible, blurry pictures.

New Year's Day was our big family get-together, with more good food and good company, though slightly less big because not everyone could make it this year.

Mom made every grandchild a fleece pillowcase to match their personality-- that's 29!-- and gave each child several books, too.  The grand opening was a thing to behold, and there were more in the adjoining room.

(My camera did its best in the low light, Beck, but it's still so blurry.  I thought you'd want to see this twinnie and Mom, anyway.)

Luci was quietly pleased that her pillowcase matched her shirt perfectly!

Mom made Cadence a pillow inside of her pillowcase, and she plopped right down to enjoy it, bedlam be darned.

Later that evening, Debbie and Skylark did the same.

Some of the girls played the drawing game for a while, and later board games made their way out.  It was a good start to what we hope will be a good year.


Rebecca said...

Board games is a great way to spend the day (and day after) of Christmas.

I love seeing the exuberant faces of grateful children when opening gifts.

And getting to witness that sweet Grandma snuggle.

I loved seeing the peek of Debbie's little Mister poking out at the dinner table and that peek into the future of her snuggling with her own little one- not so long from now.

Thanks for sharing these little peeks.

Abigail said...

One month (or thereabouts) to go! It's crazy how quickly her pregnancy has seemed to go. Can't wait to meet him on the outside!