Real Time

I know I've missed my weekly post!  We have been/are sick, and the Christmas season just ended for us, among other things you do not care to know because this is a blog and not a newscast.

Here's a little something to tide you over until I have time for snapshots again.


Time: Just Now
Place. Dining Room
Characters: ME (Mama)
                    U.C. (Unidentified Child)

U.C.: Mama, what do Polish people look like?

ME: Why, they look like me!

U.C., with a pert sense of sass: Oh, so they all have double chins, then?



Molly said...

Hahahaha! So, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing WITH you. If U.C. got a look at me they'd see a REAL double chin - one that even Weight Watchers is having a hard reducing. By the way, I just added more "chin" with your delicious and divine toffee!!! Wow! I ate a whole bag all by myself and almost went for the second bag but David's shocked and disappointed face popped up in my mind. Toffee is my favorite and your homemade goodness is the BEST!
Thank you!!! I'm going after the maple candy tomorrow to give my "chin" a rest.

Much love!

Nanno said...

"More chins than a Chinese phone book!" That's how my naughty brother Tim described Dr. Brenneman at Houghton. I'm sure you remember. ;-)

sarah said...

Children are very helpful when you want to know exactly how soft your underbelly is. And they'll even do it when you don't want them to! What talent!

Anonymous said...

Children are very honest. But it can be very funny and /or embarrassing depending on who’s hearing these bits of truth. Amelia C.

Abigail said...


Toffee is TOTALLY worth the chins! I just added another myself last week with more toffee. I'm glad you like it!


What's funny about your comment is that before I read it, Zeke (last night) went to sit on my lap and, with a puzzled look, said, "Your belly is still big..." The baby's out, after all! Then this morning, Aidan started smushing my belly (which I admit, is very fun to do, and I catch myself doing it sometimes), while singing, "Smushy, smushy, smushy!" Maybe it's time to start losing some of these 40 pounds of baby-donut-toffee weight...or not. What would the children have to smush then?

Amen! I suppose I'm not too embarrassed about my chin(s) as I'm sharing the truth with all of you, but I'll keep the truly embarrassing gems to myself. :)

Abigail said...

p.s. Nan,
How could I forget?! He'd have a heyday with me! :)