I'm pouring butter down buildabelly's throat in an attempt to revive her, and in anticipation of her recovery, I sometimes take pictures of food.

I think it's funny when I occasionally see food blogs in which the food is prettier than me (not that that's saying much, I know- be quiet!), because my method of taking pictures of food for which I post recipes goes something like this.

"Mmmmm. Oh, this smells/looks/tastes so good! Everybody to the table, quickly!"
And then everyone comes, and I sometimes remember to take a picture, grabbing whatever dish/towel/cloth napkin is nearby to throw in the corner of the frame to "enhance" the picture.

I was reminded of my professional photography methodology when I loaded these pictures tonight.


A picture of chicken spiedies, taken to replace the pale and wan picture I posted a couple of years ago:

Snapshot #1.

Snapshot #2.
Wait a minute...

Snapshot #3.

She actually came running in from the other room with a fork so that she could dig in. Semper peratus!


Ooh. This is a good one-- an exotic barbeque sauce that was so much better than the rubber chicken on which I basted it.
Snapshot #1.

Snapshot #2.

And snapshot #3. Carpe diem!


trawlerman said...

Remember that time you thought I was dead and you poured butter down my throat in an attempt to revive me?

abigail said...

That was SALT, dummy. Butter wouldn't do anything for you.

Caleb said...

Me like eat food! Food make good eats!

abigail said...

So I've heard from a certain Feeder of Barbarians...

cadie said...

Luci is so dang cute!!

Rebecca said...

I am actually HUNGRY now. Guess that spiedie picture is good enough!)

That is all the commenting I have time for. But I do remember a dragon fly picture that was amazing and so many lovely flower pictures and so many lovely children. SO many comments I *could* make.

I hope you enjoy your day!