Call Her Quinoa

That morning Piper asked if she could wear this antique shawl to church.  I said yes.  She immediately followed up her request with another-- could she also wear the hat?  I said yes.

It was only after taking these two pictures of her when we got home that I realized she was a prime candidate for this site my sister showed me.  

Sorry, Quinoa.  You'll have to play cards with someone else.

Don't worry.   As lovely as this little Light is,

she's not aloof enough to make it into Quinoa's inner circle.  Thank goodness.


Rebecca said...

She has got serious style.

Rebecca said...

PS. I followed that link you posted and discovered that, not only is there a whole Pinterest page- but she has actually made a BOOK from it...and is SELLING it.

Oh my goodness. There is a book for everything.

Molly said...

Your beautiful children, wonderfully captured by your camera talent, far outshine any others. Like I've said before...your photos could easily be in an art gallery - easily!

Much love!

Abigail said...

Crazy, huh?!

Waaaaay too kind, Missy! (But thanks, anyway.)

Deborah Johnson said...

She's the best Quinoa yet.

Abigail said...

Okay. I've never had quinoa before, but John just gave me a GIANT bag of it last night as one of my birthday presents. Perhaps he read this post?

Abigail said...

Dear John,

Here is a comment about ruby slippers. Ruby slippers. RUUUUUBY SLIIIPERS.

Abigail said...


With an extra "p," please.