Piper asked that I take a picture of this, her birthday card to Susannah, and the Surfer who hitched a ride inside because he's lost his board.  Genius!

The season's first taste,

When I was a young (twisted, cruel) girl, I'd tease my younger brother Luke by telling him that the garbage man was going to take him away.  (And also that I was going to get him...with a BUTTER knife, which understandably bothered him.)  I've continued the same with my children, barring the butter knife, and they think it's hysterical when I hoist them over the garbage can.  I don't know if I should have explained all that, but at least now you know why Millie asked if she could put Lucinda and Zeke in the bag of recycling.

(Hallowe'en 1996. I had just torn cartilage in my knee at soccer practice, but still wanted to paint my face as a.....a WHAT?!)

John married me solely for my looks.

Ezekiel is cuter than I could ever hope to be, especially when he's helping boil down sap in order to gain a few more spoonfuls as payment.


Rebecca said...

Careful Piper! There is a wolf on the prowl!

Honestly, those Halloween pictures from yesteryear practically scream Mildred. I know she will hate me saying that- but it looks like Mildred is face painted and not you. Seriously. I can't even see your face in that picture at all- not the shape or outline or anything. Even the eyes are dark. Speaking of which- how did you get make those sky blue eyes a few pictures above turn black?

Must have been the wickedness of the thing.

Molly said...

I thought you looked like a Japanese Kabuki actor. Very well done! And I agree - I see Millie, but not as a Kabuki actor, of course. I love genetics!

Much love!

Leah T. said...

The girls laughed hysterically at that last picture of you. And then had to promptly go tell their older brothers. LOL

Abigail said...

I wish I'd had colored contacts, but, alas, it's due to the film sitting in the basement for almost 20 years before we developed it. Boo.

Millie is thrilled that everyone thinks I look like her there! Ahem. :)

Glad this blog's good for something! I miss those sweet girlies and would happily paint my face like that for an in-person visit (hint, hint).

Deborah Johnson said...

A) I miss sap season. Nostalgia right there...
B) When we were going through the family pictures, those pictures of you with crutches and face paint were the ones that made Jae Ryong laugh so hard she had trouble breathing. She also took pictures of them on her phone so she can pull them out and look at them when she's having a bad day.