Cut Rock : Barley Pops

This one's my favorite stumble-across so far.  I was looking for a shipping box in our basement and came upon the box Dad brought up for Christmas last year.  Since I'm a homebody and he's a shopper, every year he searched for cut rock candy for me and then delivered the goods before Christmas so I could get the stocking stuffers in order.  His last Christmas here, he struck gold at Boscov's and also found barley sugar lollipops for the first time since I was young.  I was delighted!

I made fun of him when he brought them up, though, because of the agony he must have felt as he labeled the box.  He had to label the contents for fear that I'd misplace it (as I would my own head if it weren't attached), but he didn't want to give away the secret, so he ineffectually tried both to label the box and simultaneously to prevent the children from reading the box's label.

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Deborah Johnson said...

He was so subtle. Well, at least endearing when he tried to be...