For Grandma

Aidan took his first steps at 8 1/2 months. Now, a month later, his desire to sprint can't match his motor skills. He's a shorty-pants, too, so it's especially funny watching him get too excited to focus on his feet. This is for Grandma O., 'cause we couldn't show her the other night. (Anyone else interested-- aunties?-- is also allowed to watch.)


Deborah Johnson said...

Aaahh! Love it. I'm especially proud because I taught him everything he knows about walking. He's just so delighted with himself! I wish I could teleport there through my laptop screen to give him a squeeze.

Abigail said...

We thank you! Now could you please teach him to pick up after himself? He's tearing into everything...

Renata said...

Walking!!!??!! My daughter began early as well and it seemed she grew up so much faster. However then came my twins who didn't walk until they were 22 months old. So I had them as babies a looooong time.
Sadly your video isn't loading here down under, but I'm sure he is delightfully adorable!
P.S. I am looking forward to spending some lovely time catching up on your posts! Sadly I have to go out so it won't be now:(
Have a lovely day :)

Abigail said...

Just imagine lots of excited squealing and stumbling, because that about covers it. :)

And have a lovely day/night yourself, whichever it is right now Down Under!

heidiann(e) said...

Oh my goodness gracious!
8 1/2 months.