The Big Woods in January

We took advantage of a 20-degree day to go exploring.  The baby stayed with my Mom, so I could more easily climb steep slopes with the girls.

But first, a hayfield and the sun briefly stepping out.

Goodbye, sun.

They found fairy ice caves in the crickbed.

Zeke plopped horizontally in the snow anytime he felt he wasn't getting a fair shake.

This occurred only when the girls were rump-sliding down hills that I judged too steep for him to tackle alone.

Su and Annika explored a small hideaway.

When-- whoosh!-- Millie came roaring by!

The snow was wonderfully light and powdery, forming Mama's-waist-high drifts for us to plow through or flop in (or both in turn), whichever struck our fancy.

This sliding hill was sufficiently long and steep enough for everyone to exclaim over.

I judged it too steep for the littlest.  He loudly mourned.

A couple of hours later with gray clouds, a plummeting temperature, and snowfall, we went home.

Piper lugged a giant stick back.

I lugged this giant icicle back.

And Millie visited with Zephyr and Miracle. 


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