He Only Uses His Powers for Good

The girls amuse themselves with Ezekiel, like when they bribe him to show his muscles because they think it's funny.

Impressive, huh.

Even Zeke thinks it's funny.

The bribe was a turn listening to a Lamplighter Theatre audio drama that John downloaded for them onto the prehistoric Zune.


Renata said...

Oh he is so cute! And for the record- I had never heard of a Zune until your blog. Technology is not my specialty! In fact any time we have anything up to date it's been a gift from my far too generous family! :)

Abigail said...

A Zune is actually a woefully outdated piece of equipment. We have the first or second model, and they stopped making them years ago, so you're not missing anything!

John has a smartphone from his parents-- also far too generous!-- but I have a dumbphone because I'm a hopeless dolt when it comes to gadgets. :)

Renata said...

Oh I always tell people I have a dumb phone because it's not a smart phone. In fact it was the cheapest the shop had because it really isn't necessary for my lifestyle. Except now we are doing foster care and I am using it all the time. Oh well - it still does the job! :)

Deborah Johnson said...

I love how much everyone loves him.