Words and Pictures

I found this two-sided comic on my dresser one day.  Thanks, Susie!

I don't know if this one's legible, but Susannah put in on the valentine she made one of our church elders.  I don't think she knows the meaning of the word impropriety.

Piper gets in on the fun.  Ooooh, scary!  It's a "Spooky Terror!!!!!!"

Pip's not always so scary.  She taped this note above mine and John's bed, and there it stays.


Deborah Johnson said...

There's certainly no other bird quite like Susannah. I was guffawing inwardly (it would have been out loud, but the People downstairs would have wondered).

Abigail said...

Have you seen the comics she and Annie draw together? I think you have. Pipe Palace, Treehouse Terror, and the like?