To Those I Love, with Love

You've probably gathered that, while 1-50 are mostly okay, making valentines 50-100 isn't my favorite activity. Valentine's Day itself, though, I enjoy quite a lot, perhaps because it's bookended with fancy tables, good food, and my favorite people.

And powdered sugar.  LOTS of powdered sugar.

Grandma O. sent up a Valentine's Day box with candy and cards, and everybody was bursting with excitement.

Since Debbie was coming home in the late afternoon, we moved our traditional tea party up a few hours and made it a Valentine's Day supper so that we could include more favorite people in the day.  (The Most Favorite is not pictured.  I think he was cleaning up my filthy kitchen, because he sometimes does great things like that when my back is turned.)

This unappealing picture doesn't reflect how delicious the food was.  Heart shaped pizza, roasted green beans, leftover Christmas candy we tucked away for the occasion, heart-shaped cheese and crackers, and DOUGHNUTS.  Always make doughnuts.  They, alone, are cause for celebration. (Always make extra glaze, too.  Just because.)


Rebecca R. said...

Quite the party!

Abigail said...

Wish you were closer. We could have filled the dining room and then some!