A Walk to Find Fall

Those observant among you will notice that while I have only a fistful of pictures to show for the entire month of September, I took a slew of them over a two-day period of October.  Sorry.  I'm unbalanced like that.  Fall is my favorite season, and October is my favorite month.  These two truths, combined with the fact that I was actually outside of the house instead of cloistered indoors, overcame me.

We awoke to a day that smelled like Indian Summer, all smoky and crunchy and windy and warm, so we skipped hlearning and walked in the woods all afternoon instead.  I came home without a single ounce of energy left to spare, but it was worth it, and then some besides.

We walked through the field, entered the Big Woods, played in the creek, crossed the ravine, and came up the other side to find the Camel Tree and a bed of moss on which to read and snack.  (Always bring snacks.  Always.)

Annie wanted to take a picture of Zeke and his precious wild apple.














Molly said...

Thank you for showing me a beautiful fall day! I love how the trees have begun their fall dance with their colorful leaves. What a gorgeous day to spend with your family.

Much love!

Anonymous said...

You? You are a Good Mama. What a fun day!


Abigail said...

It was stunning. Now the peak has passed and things are looking more dull, but we enjoyed it while it was here!

Once. Once in a great while. You are the better aunt. :)

heidiann(e) said...

These photos are gorgeous.

I love autumn.
I love your family.

Turns out, I love your family in the autumn, and autumn around your family.

Go figure.

Abigail said...

There's something about a good thing that makes good things even better.

Like, um...Sigrid bundled in many layers...standing on a stump!...in the middle of crunchy leaves!...in the woods!

See what I mean?

Rebecca said...

Lucy in her Heidi shirt.
Annika and her telescope.
Susannah hard at work.
Pip and that adorable dress.
That mushroom!


Sonya D said...

That looked like the best school day ever! Your colors are so beautiful I wish I could drink them in!