High Point of the Entire Year

This is the first year I've purchased a science curriculum. Usually, we learn primarily using library materials, field guides, and reference books like this, this, and this, which works well. This year, though, I bought this book to use for the first half of the year, and within the first two weeks of study, the girls had declared it the best ever.

"Why?" you ask?

Well, it may be because the first project involved creating an edible cell model out of JELLO and CANDY.   You bet it's the best ever!  (Aside: I'm also favorably impressed both by its clarity and scope of information.)

 Susie asked if she could "post" for a picture, and I obliged.

Millie's cell organelles were most easily identifiable, predictably.

And Luci's?  Well, let's just say that hers was edible and leave it at that.


Rebecca said...

now you know why, when I first began Apologia, I swore I would never go back.

It's all about the candy. ;-)

Abigail said...

You hadn't mentioned the candy. If I'd only known years ago!!!

Leah said...

We're in our 4th year of using Apologia and we LOVE it, too!

heidiann(e) said...

nice work, ladies!

Titi said...

Here is what incites me. . .

. . .I had to do that, too. . .


It made me so made I had to both take and pay money for a grade school biology in the name of a "College Education"! This is fine for kids and excuses to eat candy and jell-o, but utter rubbish for higher education.

So there.

Molly said...

Retention levels soar with visual and tactile learning. Involving candy is a huge perk, in my opinion!

Much love!

cadie said...

Hey, I recognize the bracelet Susannah is wearing. It makes me happy to see she's wearing it :)

Abigail said...

Boo! That is a bit ridiculous. I can see it working in high school still, but I would steam around the ears, too...AFTER I enjoyed the candy, that is.

If only the sugar doesn't make them so hyper that knowledge is squeezed right out, huh? :)

It's a permanent fixture! The girls all love theirs, but the bracelets were so pretty that some of the girls store them in their jewelry boxes and bring them out only for special occasions so they don't wear out. :)