In the Present

Glove-clad, I've hung laundry in some Octobers past.  Not this year.  The threat of winter seems like a bad dream, half-forgotten and fogged over by morning's sunlight and noise.  This October calls for sunhats, and I couldn't be happier.





While we work, Ezekiel furrows his brown and tackles his job-- sitting on the lawnmower for 20 minutes straight.  I'm such a slave-driver.  (And, yes, that's the haircut I gave him at 9 o'clock at night as he screamed and flailed about, poor thing.  I'm just glad I didn't gouge out his eyes with the scissors.  He should be, too.  p.s. I've since tried to straighten it, because trying is good.)


Rebecca said...

This weather is so.so.so wonderful. I was just thinking the same thing.

Matt's tease of not starting a fire until November might actually come true!

Abigail said...

November? I'm banking on not starting the furnace 'til December! ;)

Leah said...

It has been an amazing fall! We haven't started a fire yet either. Though there have been a few mornings when it would've been nice it certainly hasn't been necessary.

Deborah said...

I love, love, love those laundry silhouettes. Just beautiful.

heidiann(e) said...

"...because trying is good."

I am definitely going to use that today.

Molly said...

What beautiful days! I am glad you are enjoying such fine weather. Zeke looks so grown up, and I love the bangs. That is the same style I sported for the first six years of my life. :-)

Much love!

Renata said...

Hi Abigail
I'm just spending some enjoyable time catching up here. I love sitting down and enjoying your blog!
October is one of those times when our world seems to even out and both halves can enjoy similar weather. We have just pulled out the sunhats and t shirts for this year and are enjoying every minute before it gets too hot! I have just (today) put in my garden and while it won't be half as wonderful as yours ( even after five years I am still getting used to this soil and how to work with it) I was still thinking of your beautiful pictures and daydreaming about a lovely garden such as yours as I did! Such an enjoyable way to spend a day!
I also cut my kiddos hairs and boys are much harder than girls to cut! Especially at the toddler stage. I did once cut Zai's ear, but in my defence he was wiggling like crazy (he must have been about your Zeke's age). It wasn't all bad because since then he's kept perfectly still. OK i've talked your ear off (eyes out??). Have a lovely day

Michelle P said...

I'm taking an evening to catch up on life in the beautiful Owen countryside and my, my! What a lot to catch up on! Congrats on the lil wee one in the womb! How exciting! And wow, how huge the other kiddos are getting!
Thanks for posting so many beautiful pictures...living in the city has some perks but boy oh boy do I miss fields and endless hills of colorful trees...living vicariously through you right now. Hopefully someday we can visit your beautiful little spot and beautiful family :)

Abigail said...

Then I bet you wiggled as you Mama cut them, too! :)

Thank you for the affirmation! Every time I groan at Zeke's crooked hair, I'll try to remember your words. As for the garden, when you start at the bottom, you can only go up! I have more time to spend in the garden, too, considering we have no animals apart from cats, a dog, and chickens, and they don't require much keep.

We'd love that! It'd be so good to see you two again and to meet your little one! Tho' I bet she's not as little as before. :)