The Way Home


With windrows eventually curving back to where I begin,  I use the newly mown field as a track, and over stubble my legs move in steady rhythm, unbroken save where an odd branch or dip forces my stride.  It's August ending, and my feet raise life.  Strikingly bright against the grass, swallowtails eddy upward from my wake, and grasshoppers slice sideways through the air before my foot falls. Without warning, I'm surprised by a strange and momentary pang, a quick flood of regret that I'm outside of this seasonal cycle, like a clumsy giant who disrupts everything by simply walking in the room.


I wrote that a month ago, before the harvest poured in, and I stopped running for two and a half weeks to make room for the flood of ending-summer chores.  Last night I ran again for the first time.  It doesn't take much to change the face of things; two and a half weeks is all.   A few weeks ago, I ended my run in full light, and now I end in darkness.  Night peels back the layers and leaves the beautiful bones of things.  It began with a tawny harvest moon hanging low, balanced large and heavy on the eastern horizon, offset by the last smoky line of sunset burning in the west.  As I ran to the crest of the hill, a shooting star streaked past.  On my return, one bat darted overhead, and I saw the dim outline of a buck pooled in black, frozen in my path but bounding away when he saw I wouldn't yield.

If it weren't for the huffs and puffs of lazy lungs, it would have been a charmed night. 


And, now, two weeks after I wrote that, running is a foggy memory, I'm ten pounds heavier than I was at summer's end (but I feel at least twenty pounds heavier), and I huff and puff simply moving up the stairs.  There'd better be a biiig baby in here...

Wait-- what?!

Shoot.  I guess that's an announcement, then. 


Leah T. said...

Congratulations again!!! We're so excited for you all! :D

Christina had her baby last night via c-section. Levi Paul weighed 5 lbs 15 oz and was 18 inches long. The cord was wrapped tightly around his neck, not once but twice. Baby and mama are both doing well.

Molly said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations!!! David asked me the other night if you had blogged recently and I told him that in the past, when there was a lapse of time, it was because you were expecting. I know that is not the ONLY reason but that is what I said. I am thrilled for all!!! :)

Much love!

Molly said...

I must tell you that your new profile picture is just stunningly gorgeous! I thought the last picture was very lovely but this one blew me away. Your surroundings are perfect. Such beauty!

Much love!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Molly. Your new profile picture is ridiculously beautiful, you flawless person, you.


You are lovely. :) And so is the new little heart inside you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait, wait!! It's me, Debbie! I'm Anonymous!

Art Teacher said...

Hooray for new babies! What wonderful news!

Abigail said...

Oh, my goodness! So thankful that God brought him safely out. Even though the recovery isn't as easy, he is here! Levi Paul...I love the name. Congratulations to Christina, Rich, & Co.!

Yeah. I've been slacking in a lot of areas, not just blogging! Like timely letter writing...ahem. :) I'm feeling pretty sapped but anticipate my belly settling and energy returning in a month or so. Thanks for the happy wishes!

Hum. I thought I just looked tired. Flawlessly tired? I'll take it. We want to see you!

I owe YOU congratulations! I saw pictures of your boy last week but haven't commented yet. He is SO precious! Blessings on you and your beautiful family!

Laura said...

Congrats! When are you due?

heidiann(e) said...


Hip hip hooray!!!!

Prayers for health & praises for His good blessing.

YIP yip!!!

Kate Elliott said...

Congratulations on the new little one! Even though I've never met them in person, I love every new addition to your family, if only because you are always so happy to have them.

I haven't been running and am carrying around 15 more pounds than I was in the spring but, if there is a baby causing the pounds, I would be oh-so-shocked. :)

Abigail said...

Thanks, folksies!

I'm due about mid-May, I think.

And HOW!!! Wouldn't that be the perfect excuse for those feelings of malaise, though? ;)

Kate Elliott said...

I certainly would be MUCH more pleased with the extra weight if there was a baby on the way if, of course, my marital status were switched to the "on" position first.

Abigail said...

Of course. I should have thought to include a good man in the sentence, huh! (I'll keep my eyes peeled.)

Liana said...

I *KNEW* this post was an announcement. Woot, woot!!! So happy for you & John. I love reading about your life, graced by beautiful photos. Sure wish we lived closer.
Congratulations on another blessing from our loving Father!

Abigail said...

I know! It's been too long. Then I could actually meet your family in real life. There's probably a lot of real estate for sale around here... :)

Rebecca said...

I'm late of course, but actually, I was *almost* first to congratulate you...so it's okay, right?

We are so pleased with that growing babe within and can't wait to meet him/her. One thing I know for sure, s/he is very fortunate to be born into your family. What a blessed one already!

Rebecca said...

And now, perhaps, you can stop jogging and making me feel like a sloth.


Pretty please???


Abigail said...

No worries. I am now the Slothiest Sloth in all the world. This sez the girl who's made it her mission to never gain under 45 pounds of jelly beans...er...baby. In six attempts, I haven't failed yet. Onward, ho! (Now please pass the jelly beans.)

Full of Grace said...

This is what I get for reading, but not reading thoroughly- I completely missed the baby announcement and I honestly don't know how! Congratulations! :)