In Response

to those who wondered if the baby's here yet: 
an answer.

I'm 39 weeks along, just tipped the scales at 50 pounds gained (blue ribbon!), and am glad Cozykin is still cozy inside.  I have so much to do!

This was supposed to be a Frugal Fancypants post because the outfit costs me about a nickel*, but I can't muster the ability to care right now.  Plus, waiting outside are six, little urchins decked out in face paint and garish costumes who want me to watch their circus.  

Happy Fruvver's Day, everybody!  I'll try to unload a mess of snapshots before Baby, but I won't make any promises.  I'm good at that...

*(Thanks for the gorgeous shirt, Sarah!)


Nanno said...

Hey, you're due right at the same time as my Lilly-goat!

I'm getting mixed vibes on this kid. Boy? Girl? I've always known with yours but not this time for some reason. My unfailing instincts must be getting confused by all the crazy pregnant goat hormones around here. I *thought* it would be another boy but now I'm getting girl vibes. Weirdness. =)

Molly said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Much love!

Renata said...

You look beautiful Abigail!!! That shirt is just beautiful! Thanks for the update. I'll continue to pray for you and bub!!

Abigail said...

You're the second friend who usually has a strong leaning one way or another to say that! Maybe Cozykin is two babies, on of each, which is causing the confusion? Give Lily my regards, will you? As one mama-goat to another, I wish her the best. ;) (And I think it's funny that you always know what type of baby we'll have! I never do. My share of woman's intuition was given to someone else as a double share...probably YOU!)

Molly and Renata,
Thank you both! And thanks for the prayers.

Abigail said...

Lilly, I'm sorry for only giving your name one "l" the first time around...

Nanno said...

If it's one of each then you need to get your money back on that ultrasound!