The Circus Rolls in on Painted Wheels

We're getting accustomed to this spoiling, but John got free tickets to the circus through his work again this year, and off we spun.  John met us downtown with a picnic lunch and, after eating, we headed across the bridge.  Millie was the only girl who'd figured out the secret ahead of time, but when she chose to wear her t-shirt that says "Circus" on the front, I think a few of the other girls guessed, too, 'cause Susannah immediately changed into her matching circus shirt. 

Necessary bathroom mirror portrait.  (Zeke was with his Papa.)

This was the first evening show we've ever attended, and it didn't begin until after 7:00.  Zeke was overtired and whelmed and screaming*, so a few minutes in, John walked (an hour!) to his car in the adjoining town to drive him home while we enjoyed the glitzy veneer of the circus.

* I just remembered that one of my last circus posts was from when Zeke was a week or two old.  John stayed out with him that time, too, so I've been getting more than my fair share of circuses, I fear.


We had a few extra tickets, so Deb drove 45 minutes to join us, too!  Her presence helped fill John and Zeke's gap, and she even walked with us to the van afterward.

One of the highlights of the night was crossing the bridge to discover the late-night fireworks display that was lighting up the post-game festivities at the local baseball stadium.

It was a fine way to end a fine night.


Renata said...

I adore this circus post! I have never in all my 34 1/2 years never attended a circus so I am enjoying these pictures! Isn't that lady on the elephant amazing! So brave...
Thanks for sharing. I'm going to show my kiddos these pictures!

Abigail said...

If you're ever on our side of the world in early May, I know who could get some free tickets for you! Maybe for a 35th birthday celebration?