A Crown of Candles

For several years, we've wanted to celebrate St. Lucia Day.  Though little is known of the martyr herself, we have a little Luci-Light and just enough Scandinavian blood* (Jan's son!) to squeak by in observing her day with the tradition that has captivated Mildred since she first read about it.

After we were given some free saffron threads last winter, I wrote "Prepare for St. Lucia Day" in my planner nearly a year ahead of time.  Then, predictably, the past week was so busy I didn't even look in my planner.  Millie remembered right at bedtime, though, so I drove down to Mom's to steal some raisins, and Millie and I stayed up late together, bumping elbows as she made the traditional lussekatter** and I fashioned a crown.

We didn't get much sleep, but it was so much fun.  Millie and I kept it a secret from everyone, and since it was our first year jumping in, no one was expecting to be awakened in the early morning hours with music, sweet coffee, and warm bread.  Aidan had stumbled downstairs when we came down to make the coffee, so he was the first one Millie served.

Zeke would have awoken more quickly had he known food was involved.

*It wouldn't matter if we were 100% South American, though; I would have found some other excuse to celebrate.
** Millie used neither quark nor sour cream in the buns, having neither, but successfully substituted thick yogurt.


Rebecca said...

Super impressed with Lucia's balancing skills! Only the most proper of ladies could pull off a flaming wreath that size without catastrophe!

Rebecca R. said...

What memories for the two of you in the preparations, AND the rest of the children upon the surprise awakening! Fun!

sarah said...

I've always wanted to celebrate it as well! It looks just as lovely as I imagined!

Abigail said...

She practiced the night before. :)

SUPER fun! Thank you for the saffron that made it all possible!

AND you've got a Lucy, yourself, who is also the oldest girl. Best of both for St. Lucy's Day.