It Roared "Hullo"

The second snow of the season came just before Thanksgiving and wasn't my favorite, thanks to the brutal wind that accompanied it.  The drifts on Mount Hunger piled up so fast that no one could make it up the hill all day, let alone down it, so Annie and I had to walk down the hill to check on Mom.

Halfway there, in a whiteout, I heard the snowplow, and we jumped into a waist-high snowdrift to get out of the way. Waist-high on me, that it...Annika needed my help to even get out of the thing!

Later that day, they all risked their noses and fingers to play, anyway, because that's what needs to be done when the white stuff arrives in earnest.

The next morning, the first view through the window showed a calmer, sunnier day ahead.

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