Eventually, I Do Things (Sometimes) (If You're Lucky)

I made Millie an overdue skirt for her birthday.

And then I made Susannah an overdue skirt a few weeks later.


Rebecca said...

That title is the most ludicrous, laughable thing I've read so far!

The skirts are great. Along with the many, many, many, MANY other creative pursuits you make time for. Along with the many, many, MANY other things you accomplish that are less 'fluffy' and get less credit but are just as creative. Feeding a family. Reading books. Telling stories. Singing songs. Folding clothes. Cleaning the house every.single.day without losing your mind. (Now THAT takes creativity!)

Abigail said...

HEY! Who says I clean the house every single day without losing my mind? You're giving me too much credit here, for sure.