First Post


(November herbs from the garden...November!)

 (November peppers and eggplant...November!)

 (Smirking at Prince Bertram the Bad.)

(Racing John off to work in the first snow of the season, winter's gentle greeting in late-October .)


A REAL snow that lasted for days of play didn't come until weeks later...


Four months scramble into a crooked line behind me, a disorderly row fit for a disorderly girl, and the full season of Advent stretches out before, the first gleam of a new beginning.  Darkness waits for Light, and silence longs for Song.  The Word is flesh, yet the earth groans still, so we wait for Him to shatter all that binds us.

And there's a lot that binds us.

The seasonal work of summer and fall is complete until next year, and the work of winter is barely begun.  It's about time I procrastinated and unloaded a dumptruck of snapshots.

Hullo again and have at 'em.


Full of Grace said...

Your family is so grown... I would hardly recognize them.. Miss you Abbie <3

Rebecca said...

What better way to spend a 3 degree frozen-housed morning than gazing upon blazing branches and shirtless boys.

You think in poetry and I love it.

sarah said...

I'm so glad to see this load!!!!

Abigail said...

Well, that's all I need. One drop of encouragement, and we're off to the races! I just posted a new load, just for you girls.

And, Elizabeth! It's been way, way too long. We need to get together this summer, at least. I hear your road is taking some pretty big changes, too! :)