All the Pretty Little Horses

I think this was Cadence's first taste of the local carousels.  She was more interested in tasting my thumb, though, the silly baby.

If you've noticed that Aidan is cross-eyed (thanks to those congenital cataracts he inherited from Guess Who), don't fear.  He's under observation.  Non-cross-eyed observation by a non-cross-eyed specialist, no less. 

But isn't he cute?!

There's not much better thing in life than crashing on a bench to nurse the baby while seven children tear about like rabid monkeys.

Except for this tuckered monkey.  She ran the rabies right out.

And then, because the zoo and the playground weren't enough, on to the storybook garden!

Aidan's first experience here was quite positive. (Thank you, red tractor.)

And then....snapshots from my phone while I walked around with Cadence! (Overkill, yes, indeed.)   I was beyond ready to go home and see John by this point, but I like to watch my children play.

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