The G.N.Y.S. Fair

State fair highlights!  Any faithful reader has seen them all from previous years, right?  Same formula: make money at the county fair and blow it all at the state fair on baked potatoes and rides and chocolate milk.

Here's Cadence, more interested in her thumb than in the dancers leaving Turtle Mound in Indian Village.

Lucinda is a duck-lover of the first order.

Oh, look!  A baby!

All the girls and Zeke took turns on the player piano while John walked outside with Aidan and Millie stayed in the basement gawking at quilts and other fine handiwork.

...like this one.


The sand sculpture was kind of funny, mostly because our family has a running joke about Justin Bieber.

Here are poor-quality pictures of the butter sculpture, because I'd get kicked out of the Great NYS Fair Fan Club for not including the butter sculpture.

The butterfly tent has gone from being free of charge to 2 dollars a head!  They snared us with a several-year habit, though, so a few of us plunked down the money and went in, anyway.


The slowest cow in the world was just fast enough for Aidan.
Good thing he doesn't know any better.

Millie was kind enough to use her free ride to keep Luci company on a high-flying elephant.
  It ended up looking really fun, enough that I wish I had done the same.

Susannah and Piper both chose the bungee/trampoline combination.

Piper enjoyed it loads more than the bungee workers did, as you can see.

Zeke wasn't 100% satisfied with the helicopter ride .  He said it wasn't high enough.  All the rides he wanted to go on required more inches than he had, though, so grow, Ezekiel, GROW.  (Just not too fast.)

Annika used her county fair winnings for a bungee jump, also, only she found a taller one than the one the other girls had used.

We had enough extra tickets that Piper, Annika, and Susannah were able to go on the Big Slide (capital letters required).  Millie got first dibs, but, again, she was kind enough to send a youger sister who was practically drooling with longing instead of sliding herself.
Man, it looked like fun.

And as long as we're on the subject of rides, here are the only pictures from our dip into a local Field Days festival.  Rides for the morning were only a little over a dollar apiece, so we each went on two, and my husband, the man who can't bear to watch the children and me in safe places like this, the one who lets me clean out the gutters every fall because I love to climb on the roof and he hates it, cheerfully enclosed himself in a rickety, metal cage with Annika AND Zeke, and spun and twirled upside down for a while.

Weirdo.  I'll take solid rocks and the roof any day of the week.

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