I Never Do Tutorials

...but when I was looking for a good toadstool hat tutorial online that only required things I already owned, I couldn't find one.  Go figure.

Here's what I did.  I bought a foamboard at the dollar store (see, I did have to buy one thing) and cut out a circle.  Then, because I really wanted the toadstool ribbing on the bottom but didn't want to take the time to pleat fabric like on this great hat, I cut equidistant notches all around the foamboard and wound white yarn around it for the base, like so.

Then I cut out a circle of fabric from my stash a few inches larger than the foamboard base and began to attach it to the base with hot glue, folding the raw edge under and pleating the fabric every inch or so.  When I'd finished gluing about 3/4 of the way around, I stuffed it full of cotton batting before finishing to glue around the rest.

I didn't want to sacrifice one of Cadence's good hats, so I grabbed some fake fur stuff (leftover from the 70's, from the musty smell of it) and made a 2-minute hat.  I cut out a piece on the fold like so, sewed down the back, attached bias tape to the inside, and flipped it right-side out.  Voila!  A hat I didn't mind gluing to the toadstool.

And the end result, as you recall, was pretty darn cute thanks to that little face peeking out from underneath.

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Rebecca said...

Cutest fungus ever.

I had seen a costume similar to this (made for an older child) on Pinterest and pinned it for 'someday'. I wanted to do it last year for Adele' but I couldn't figure out how to make it work. I was thinking paper mache? Umbrella? (Clearly, thinking too hard about it.) You are a very clever girl. You totally nailed it!