The Same Girl a Decade Apart

Do you remember my post about Susannah and foxes from a year ago? (It's at the end of the linked post.)  The fabric that weaves her and foxes together grows thicker yet.  Good friends of ours lent us this film a month or so ago saying, "The girl looks JUST like Susannah!"  The main character was so perfectly suited to Susannah, it was uncanny-- not simply in appearance but in temperament.  Susannah's a fanciful, sensitive girl who loves nature (tho' I hope she'd be wiser with a wild fox), and she even loves frogs.

The following Sunday after we watched the film, I put her hair up in a cheap imitation of the actress' so she could show the friends who lent us the movie, and when I got home, I snapped a couple of quick pictures.  Today, I did an image search on Google and tried to pair expressions as much as I could (I should've probably done the image search first, and then posed Susannah like a trained monkey, but I suppose I want my children to retain some individual freedoms*).  

What I don't understand is this: If Susannah shares a face with a stunning French girl who starred in a cinematographic feast, how come MY doppelganger is a toilet paper model?! 
Life.  It just isn't fair.

* I just decided that at some point in the near future, I AM going to pose her like a trained monkey and try to duplicate those images from the film.

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