So, So, So Late for Molly

 I am a terrible person.  These gifts I made so hastily before Thanksgiving should have been completed with leisure over a year ago, but at least they're done!  (I'm a terrible person.)

I forgot to tell you, Molly, that I thought this tiny board is probably supposed to be for cheese, but I was envisioning it as a "mug board" of sorts, or, better yet, a mug AND cheese board. Hot chocolate and cheese board? Whatever. Use it how you wish! :)

And these sloppy, sloppy potholders are meant to be USED.  That's the only way I comforted myself when I stuffed them into the box.  "At least they'll be dirty soon, and that will cover the sloppiness on the back side," I thought.  "And then, someday ten years from now when I finally get around to it, I'll make her beautiful ones that she can flip to either side!" I thought.  "That will make up for everything..." I thought.  ("Sigh," I sighed.)

NO, I'm not showing you the sloppiest parts!

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