Snowy Snow White and Her Seven Dwarves

 Last October when I was pregnant, Millie hatched a plan for Cadence's first Hallowe'en.  Millie could be Snow White, and the rest of the children could be the seven dwarves.  Perfect, right?  I decided I'd join in as the wicked queen and make it a full house.  As Hallowe'en approached, though, Susannah revealed that she really, really didn't want to be a dwarf, even though it would earn her a homemade cape, and that she really, really wanted to be the wicked queen, so we swapped roles.  (And I still made her a cape later, the stinker!)

Brief interjection-- the seventh dwarf, usually known as Magic Baby Dwarf, is absent from the rest of the following pictures, due to his aversion to the combination of snow and bare bellies.

Let's just pretend I waited until it was snowing to take these pictures in order to better fit the theme of Snow White, shall we?  Here is the girl herself, next to the icy queen.

 Millie's whole outfit came together at the last minute, with a blouse we picked up from a rummage sale, a cape John's mom handed off, and a waist cincher I made Hallowe'en afternoon.

 I was pretty pleased with myself because I made a cape on Friday during h'learning, 2 capes on Saturday, and 2 capes on Sunday, leaving what I thought would be an easy Monday of 2 capes and a waist cincher.  HA.  It was the most harried Hallowe'en yet, and while I tried to wing a 7-piece, appliqued waist cincher without measuring anything or anyone, the girls cut out beards and eyebrows.  I blame the waist cincher for everything, but I still think her costume needed it.

 Snow White, you look too stinking old here.  Tone it down, girl.

The wicked queen needed some wicked make-up.

 Oooh, so steely, this one.

I made all the costumes for mere pennies, with things we already had in the house from rummage sales or pass-alongs...except for these fake nails I asked John to buy.  I think the wicked queen needed fake, dark nails, don't you agree?

The six dwarves, pining over their missing comrade who sits snug and warm inside the house.

 Thanks for this flattering picture of Grandpa Dwarf, Susannah.

Aidan was Grumpy Dwarf, and Zeke was Dopey Dwarf.

Piper was Sneezy Dwarf, and Luci was Sleepy Dwarf, which was cute because she gave exaggerated yawns anytime she was in costume.

Annika was-- surprise!-- Happy Dwarf,

but she still wanted to show how funny the eyebrows looked when she pretended to be Grumpy Dwarf.

 And what about Magic Baby Dwarf?  She happily sucked her beard off the entire time.

At least she couldn't remove those glorious eyebrows, though.


I loosely used this reversible, hooded cloak tutorial, but I used only one piece for the body of the cape instead of two, I rounded the hoods for everyone except Cadence (who can't object to a pointy hood), and I also changed the shape of the capes themselves according to how much fabric I had to scrounge with.  Most of the capes curve up in the front due to fabric shortages, but I think I like the look better that way, anyway.  I also added a loop in the front seam and buttons to both sides, so that the children can wear them with either side showing (and I've discovered since that they never wear them with the solid sides facing out, except for Hallowe'en.)  Basically, I cut out shapes how I wanted/had to, and then just followed the tutorial to learn the construction order so everything would be enclosed properly ('cause I'm dumb and would have taken years to figure out how to do it on my own).


Full of Grace said...

Oh My Goodness, this is one of the most perfect Halloween family costumes grouping I've ever seen, and the snow just adds to the perfection of it all! Nice Job Momma!!

Rebecca said...

These costumes are amazing. And they are the very BEST kind of costume in that all the work in making them wasn't only for a day of candy. But those gorgeous capes can be used and used and used. I have been trying to get Adele' to let me add fabric to her Cindy Lu Who cape and take off that white feather boa (which was never meant to be permanent) but she loves the gaudy so much I think I may loose that battle. Every time your girls wear their capes I spend too much time trying to choose my favorite- and can never decide. I shouldn't admit that since I only see them at church on Sunday, and my focus should be elsewhere.

Thanks for the link. I want to make Corynn a cape for Christmas but have only made shorter ones using the 'circle skirt' method. I really like the LONG ones and wondered how to pull it off.

Rebecca said...

PS. WHO is that villianous witch?!?! Did she lock Susannah up in a tower somewhere? Because I see no hint of the poor girl ANYWHERE!

Abigail said...

Thanks, girls! We were all pretty pleased with how they turned out.

And, Rebecca, Susannah is so pleased by your comment. She was doing her best to look evil and icy, and it appears she succeeded!

Abigail said...

p.p.s. Not to take sides, but Adele' looks super cute in that fancy cape, boa and all. :)

heidiann(e) said...

I love the capes!
These are wonderful.