It Was Really for Her

As summer wound down on its slim spool, I made a tardy gift for a sweet baby girl, stayed up far too late to make a ruffle and add some length to what I thought might be a too-short top, then dressed my toddler son in it right before leaving for church to make sure it would fit her. (Test-driving gifts is a bad habit of mine.)

Ha.  Yup.  It'll fit.

As with nearly everything I make, I used things passed along to me or picked up for pennies, and I was grateful once again to be a greedy fabric packrat.  Thanks a million for the beautiful hand-crocheted lace, Titi!

The day before I sewed on the buttons, I was given these sunny yellow ones.  Again-- perfect!  Thank you, people who do what they should and pare down their notions!

I was completely distracted by the realization that Aidan looks really good in headbands.  What a waste of a perfectly good headband-head!

I don't have a picture of Ineke in the outfit, but believe me when I say she looked cuter in it than Aidan did, and that's saying something.

*I altered a vintage pattern for the pinafore (which nearly killed me), winged the headband, and followed this awesome tutorial for diaper covers.  Sometimes, I really love the internet.

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Rebecca said...

Boy Ineke! - I am not sure who wears it best!

And you are absolutely right about that headband head. The hairstyle totally works too!