Mossy Rossy

The World's Smallest Zoo is all we've ever known (except for John, but he doesn't count because he was at work), so don't laugh when you see how excited we were at the turkey vulture display.  Yup,  turkey vultures up close and personal.   We usually only see them circling, so it's cause for excitement.

This post features my children more than the animals.  That's because I like my children better than the zoo animals.

See?  Aren't they something?

TURKEY VULTURES!  The best part about this exhibit is that the same enclosure used to hold the crow exhibit.

Lone wolf.

This crew would eat him alive, poor thing.

The same goes for you, Bear!

We liked the sloth too much to eat him, though.

Someday, Millie will live in an English garden where she belongs.

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