Thanksgiving Day

As long as no one went in the basement (don't worry, I nailed the door shut), the floors in our house were clear. Clear!  Nothing to step on or trudge through or walk over!  That's my explanation for why I took pictures of our downstairs rooms before people arrived.  I wanted proof of that 20-minute window that happens a few times a year when our house is clean.  And full of yummy food, thanks to the girls baking and cooking with me all day so I wouldn't have to stay up all night. 



Millie made the apple pies this year. Debbie and Mom made the rest, so I didn't even make one!  At this rate, by 2025, I'll just sit reading in an armchair on Thanksgiving morning.


Right here-- this line of demarcation-- is where my photos from Thanksgiving end.  All the rest occurred once family arrived, and the camera lay forgotten.  Forgotten, that is, until dusk fell, and the camera passed hands.  I think Annika & Cassie deserve the credit for most of the following pictures, but I saw others with it, as well.  I probably should have put the settings on auto, but here are a few of the nearly 200 pictures I found on my camera the following day.  I am deeply thankful for my family.  So much love.  We missed you, Alaskan Johnsons!  I wish there were grainy pictures of you here, too...


 Cassie: if you're the one who documented the first time the chandeliers have been cleaned in 2 years, I thank you.

I think Baby Gary looks a bit like Dad here.  Serious, little man.

Aidan and Ezra do look alike!  I'm not so sure about Tom and James, though...


Here my pictures resume.  At nearly eleven, the house was filled with sleeping bodies.

I was pretty impressed by Zeke's position here.

And the next morning, normal life resumed.

Yup.  A little too normal, hehehe.

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