First Frost Harvest

When the weatherman warned of the first killing frost, we gathered all we could and covered the flowers and green tomatoes with tarps. Then the night wind came and drove the frost away, so we ended up being two weeks early for once.

Zucchini, yellow squash, and eggplant in October?!   What a wonderful year.

Although pumpkins were small due to the drought, we still had a prolific harvest.  A bumper year!  (And Aidan must have been freezing. WHO is his mother?) 

The children specifically requested this picture for you, Molly!  They bugged me for 2 weeks after to also take individual pictures of them with all their pumpkins, but I failed.

And now the ground is covered with snow, which isn't the best backdrop for fall pumpkin pictures.

It took a while.  Aidan must have been REALLY cold, and I ask again, where on earth is that child's mother?!

After dark, we were still at it, picking tomatoes and covering them while wearing headlamps.

I call this one "Sunset and Headlamp" because I'm a creative sort.

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