A Special Shirt For Him and Me

I chopped off the bottom of a onesie that Zeke couldn't use (why does anyone make onesies in size 3T, anyway?) and turned it into a regular shirt before sewing a tractor on top.  It was his only birthday gift from us (ahem...coddling grandmas), and he loves it.

I told him it's only to be used for hanging on the wall,

but he insists that it's better used for stick-hauling.

To Zeke, Grandpa Johnson equals tractor rides.

So for those tractor buffs among you-- yes, that's a John Deere 2940 on my son's old onesie.


Deborah Johnson said...

That shirt is terrific. I thought of Dad immediately, as soon as I saw the very first photo. Something about big John Deere tractors.

Abigail said...

Or cute, little orangish-red ones... :)

Molly said...

The legacy continues...

Love this post and the pictures. The shirt is adorable and Zeke is precious, truly precious! :)

Much love!

Abigail said...

Thanks, Molly. He is, indeed!

elizabethfrances said...

You are wonderful. I love this post. The words and all the photos.