Bearded Guest Photographer*

(*My own Heart.)

John rarely takes photos, so when he grabs the camera and starts shooting from (literally) the hip, I'm not one to put up a fuss.  If he'd put his eye to the camera before he starting taking pictures of us, he would have noticed that the zoom was engaged, but then we wouldn't have these funny pictures, would we?

Me adoring.

His handsome hand.

And more!

Life, as it happens.

(John's favorite.)


Cassie said...

Oh my goodness, your girls look so much older! I love all the Easter outfits and hair!

Abigail said...

I was so glad we were able to squeeze one last year out of those beautiful dresses! Your very own Aunt Debbie is to blame for that gorgeous hair (even though it looks a bit disheveled in these pictures). I did Annie's, and she tackled everyone else's!

Rebecca said...

Best pictures, John.

Sharon Rose Paulson... said...

Abigail!!!!! It's Sharon, remember me, good ol' sharon paulson from houghton days? No? Well, think of a cute, short, and sassy gal that maybe, just maybe, broke some rules (for shame) and did a little bumping and grinding....
yes, that one.
I am so rarely at a computer with time to spare, but me and the kiddos are visiting my mom and so I am catching up on your blog. You are still just as beautiful and talented and amazing as always, of coursem and your family is beautiful and ever growing. Good, as it should be. Love you friend! And love to your whole clan!

Abigail said...

Oh, SHARON! You'll never read this, I bet, but I have to post it anyway to tell you how happy your comment made me. I have a big, fat grin on my doofy face!!! Once in a dark blue moon, I'll go to your blog, knowing full well that there will be nothing but dust from years past but still hoping. I am so glad to hear the snippets of news I get every so often about you and yours and think of you so very fondly. You and your sister are two of my favorite people I may never see again in the flesh, and I send a wheelbarrow of love right back!