Our April Fool's Day baby couldn't believe her good fortune this year.  Not only did she and Millie successfully perpetrate the Biggest Joke So Far on their addled mama but also the stars aligned just so, and Aunt Debbie was in town for her birthday! She made the most of it and invited Deborah and Mopsy up not just for the birthday supper and party but also for the birthday breakfast.  Just look at her face.  It's about to split in two from sheer joy.

She kept her choice of birthday cake a secret from everyone but me this year, consoling the girls by saying that she'd tell the person who woke up first on her birthday morning.  This drove Millie nearly mad with frustration, and she spent the week leading up to Annie's birthday plotting to uncover the secret, with no luck.

Between her birthday breakfast, making a birthday skirt, and preparing a highly involved birthday supper, I didn't spend much time on her cake, but she didn't care one bit and thought that it was the most beautiful thing ever, which goes to show that a roof made of Necco wafers doth cover a multitude of sins.

Of course eleven year-olds light their own candles-- no help needed, thank you very much.

Happy birthday to our Delight!  May your joy always spill out of such abundance, dear girl.

Post Script.  Susannah had helped Hulk along with birthday salutations that morning, but John was the one who stuffed him completely inside the leftover cake.  Upon excavation, Hulk didn't look so happy.  It's probably because he didn't remember to capitalize his proper nouns.

"happy birthday annie!
hulk (small)


cadie said...

I've always loved Annie's enthusiastic delight with things. She's a delightful girl. Glad Debbie and your mom could be there for the birthday!

P.S. birthday breakfast, birthday supper, impressive birthday cake... you do a good job making birthdays special.

Abigail said...

I love the fact that her name fits her so well, too. "Arden" means "brimming with enthusiasm," which couldn't suit her more perfectly.

cadie said...

I've thought of that, too. I just mentioned to Debbie not too long ago how Annika's middle name suits her so well. Ardent Annie.