I'll Eat You Up, I Love You So!

Zeke is a whirling ball of willful mischief and currently holds both the crown for Family's Naughtiest Child and the record for most "reproof" before his third birthday.  He is also darling and dear and cuddly and goofy and SO MUCH FUN.  We love him to pieces!  
Happy Birthday, Party Van*!

*a.k.a. Ezekiel Walker O.

Since February sixth, the first birthday of the year, this boy's been waiting.  When the first birthday rolled around, he was upset that he couldn't blow out the candles on the birthday girl's cake.  By the fourth birthday, he sat patiently, knowing that his turn was coming.  Progress!

Even though someone told us boys should not be coddled, we may have indulged in coddling the whole day long.  He bore under the weight of it all with courage and calm longsuffering.

The biggest star of breakfast was a yogurt shake that tasted better from the opposite end of a fork.

Muffins even tasted better dipped into the stuff.

Over the last two months, Zeke's been asked well over a hundred times what kind of birthday cake he'd like.  He consistently waffled (if one can do such a thing) between a car, a big digger, and a tractor. The morning of his birthday, he said "tractor," so I went with it.  

Millie thought he should have a car AND a big digger, too (see aforementioned coddling), but I told her to pick one.  She split the batter into two pans and made two little cakes to satisfy the birthday boy's deep-seated longing for large machinery, and we each frosted one.

He didn't know he was getting two cakes until he woke up from his nap, and we plopped him down in front of them.  He was shocked by our kindness, as you can see.

Mopsy was here for the birthday supper, of course, and she brought a bagful of loot along (coddling, again),

plus a gigantic bag of candy bigger than Zeke's own impressive head.

Then cake...

And candles.  Millie thought each cake should have three (coddling) candles.

Poof (coddling), poof!

The next morning, he came downstairs like this. He's been sleeping with his new earth mover (coddling Grandma O.) and new garbage truck (coddling Grandma J.), but his favorite present was probably these bubbles, which were used nonstop until a violent thrust of the sword-shaped wand shattered the blade.   Boys.


Millie said...

Actually, I didn't insist on him having another; YOU told me that I could make him a cake when you were just going to frost that big cookie.:)

Abigail said...

Perhaps "insist" was the wrong word choice. "Persistent requests" would have been better. :)

Deborah Johnson said...

Those cakes are great, both of them! [Well done, Miss Millie. :)]

cadie said...

Haha, Millie's correction reminds me of how Caleb or Deirdre will correct me if I ever mis-represent them in writing, however minor the discrepancy. (Can't blame them.)

Abigail said...

I can't, either. Now that the three bigger girls are getting a bit older, I usually have them read a post featuring them before I publish it, in order to respect any qualms they might have about being splashed on the Internet. I did this for Millie's Easter dress post but didn't for this one, because I thought that there surely wasn't anything objectionable in it. HA! I need to remember what it was like to be 12-almost-13 :)

Molly said...

Happy Birthday, Zeke! He finally got his turn to blow out his candles. That takes such patience - which is rare for a big boy of 3.

The cakes are lovely! I can see the sign now..."Millie's Bake Shoppe" !!!

Much love!

Molly said...

LOVING the coonskin cap!

heidiann(e) said...

The picture of Zeke's eye-popping reaction to the cake made me laugh right out loud. HE is adorable - coddle away!

Millie said...

Thanks for the permission, I'll go right ahead. :)

Abigail said...

As if you've ever waited for permission before coddling, Miss Millie. You are the worst offender! :)