All Things New

I also like to chop up prom dresses and turn them into skirts.  Doesn't everyone?

Piper's favorite color is orange, so when I saw two orange prom dresses at the rummage sale, I knew that fabric was crying out to be worn by a six and eleven year-old instead.

I'm wrong a lot of the time, but this was not one of them.

Piper's skirt deserves commendation for sporting an enormous side bow.  Orange satin skirt, enormous side bow-- who could ask for anything more?!


cadie said...

Yay! Bright colors for spring!! (If that first picture doesn't say "Spring" all over, I don't know what does...)

Abigail said...

Lord willing, in a month or so, there'll be orange day lilies right behind those orange skirts. Yippee!

Molly said...

How pretty! And creative, as usual. You have such a good eye for repurposing all things. You pick the most gorgeous models to show your lovely fashions!!!

Much love!

Abigail said...

Those models are pretty handy, 'cause they're always tripping over my heels!