Easter Morning

Even with filling the Easter baskets three days early, Someone ended up having an all nighter, after all.  As usual, I enjoyed the quiet time to reflect, and as a bonus, I saw the sun rise on freshly fallen snow.

Thank goodness for fake forsythia.  The real stuff will bloom a month too late this year.

John's and my alter egos had a nice chat before the girls awoke and tumbled downstairs.

I started making these silly surprise eggs at five a.m., so this wasn't the year for ornate embellishments.

When I heard the children stirring upstairs, I got really excited and couldn't stop grinning.  Not because I'm a weirdo (tho', granted, that may be) but because they look like this when they come in and see the colorful table.  In spite of my grumps and impatience, I love them all so.  I do!

Aidan was happy enough with his measly bread crumbs, 

until he noticed everyone stuffing cinnamon rolls in their faces.


Cassie said...

That last picture is my favorite, he's so cute!

Abigail said...

He was very disappointed in me. :)