The Cisco Kid

I told Cisco Kid to face off against the dishes, and she struck this pose.

(She happily obliged when I laughed and brought out the camera a minute later.)

Then, with a gleaming counter as backdrop, she requested I take another, titled "Cisco Kid Vanquishes the Dishes."



Deborah Johnson said...

Parents could use these photos to make stubborn, lazy children want to do dishes. She makes it look so cool. What a cool cat.

Molly said...

That's some sharp-shootin' with the dishes! How'd you get "Annie Oakley" to clean your kitchen???

Much love!

Renata said...

Do you hire her out??!!?? I have a decided lack of enthusiastic helpers when it comes to dishes ( although they are made to do them - mean mother)!
I love your canisters in the background.

Abigail said...

I have a feeling the Cisco Kid's cheer was helped along by the fact that the stack was very, very small (altho', to be fair, Annika generally whips through large stacks with good cheer, too, unlike others I could mention). One of those "others" may be named Abigail...

Annie's never seen the musical, but she's read books about Annie Oakley, and John recently picked her up a cassette tape of songs from the musical for a dime. Now Cisco Kid can regularly be heard singing, "Doin' a' what comes natch'r'ly!" :)