All the others, even my favorite tulips, have just begun to poke their leaves above the ground, but today Mount Hunger saluted the first brave bloom.

I've been waiting for this and cheering it on, but with snow in the forecast for the tail end of this week, I'm begging all the other buds and blossoms to keep on hiding.


Molly said...

How beautiful! The earth's renewal and encouragement of spring can not be matched. Maybe this will be the LAST snowfall. For goodness sakes! There are gardens to plant!!!!

Much love!

Abigail said...

We had those two promised days of snow flurries, and then a few more days of winter wind, but SPRING'S BACK! Just yesterday, I noticed half a dozen more daffodils had poked their heads out, and the children brought me the very first blossoms from our forsythia. YIPPITEE!