From Here On Out

The first warm day insisted that the children play immediately upon arriving home from church.  They obliged.  (It's foolishness to tussle with a warm day.  The day will always win.)

Later, Piper walked up to me and said, "I betcha can't tell what I'VE been eating!"  I replied, "Nope," and then she got an inch away and blew in my face.  "Yup!" I replied.

It's chive season.  There's your warning.  The youngest three will reek of chive-breath for the next five months.

Here she is, uncovering the very first shoots of potent breath.

And the chickens are out and about again!

Which invariably means....CHICKEN RACES!


Rebecca said...

I love that picture of Zeke swinging and that last picture of Millie holding the baby. I can't over how your pictures of her these days make her look so graceful and mature.

Thankfully, I get to see her race around playgrounds so I know there is still some little girl left!

Abigail said...

Amen to that! The girls think you're SO FAST now, just so you know. :)

Millie is growing so big, but mostly my pictures don't show her ramming around like crazy because when those moments come, I sit back and soak in them. (She still plays with the dollhouse, too, so there's oodles of time left...)

Abigail said...

(Do I sound desperate? I'm not desperate. I'M NOT! SHE'S PRACTICALLY A NEWBORN STILL!!!!!!)

cadie said...

Hooray for warm days! (And children to make proper use of them!)