Small Creatures

A wee redbelly snake,

shared all around,

transferred from a mason jar to a fine new mansion, complete with earthworms for eating, 

and then released, with some mourning, 

thirty-six hours later.

Last fall, a mama bear and cub were a few minutes down the road, which made me wish I hadn't put our compost pile right next to the house.  Thankfully, the only bears we've encountered yet this year are these of the woollier variety.


heidiann(e) said...

That wee snake is amazing!
You found that this chilly spring?

Abigail said...

Yes! We don't often see these shy redbellies, and I made them release it again because of the fickle weather. I wanted it to scurry someplace warm!

Rebecca said...

Wow! That snake was some find! If ever a snake were cute, it'd be that one.