Easter Lunch

We rattled into the driveway after church, and I started preparing the last minute foods for guests and us to munch.  When they arrived, my sister asked if I'd taken pictures.  Nope!

So I did.

Zeke.  And a table.

Zeke.  Stealing someone else's chocolate surprise egg place-card.

Leftover roses.

Peter Rabbit in the worst hiding place ever.  

Real tulips!

Wooden tulips.

After these successful snapshots, I was confident enough to snag a photo of the children before we ate.  It went something like this:

Susie: Where should we stand?
Me: Wherever you want.

All of them 1.

All of them 2.

All of them 3.

All of them 4.  
And then, realizing the enormous odds against me,  I stopped.

One of the best parts of Easter lunch was John smashing his chocolate surprise egg open to find not the jelly beans he was craving and anticipating but the mini Hulk that Annika had begged me to hide inside.  Hehe.  That was a good one.

Another favorite part was the state of the table after everyone was done eating.  During lunch, I told Mom that I love setting the table for holidays because it's like creating the stage set for a play.  It's fun to create something that doesn't quite fit into our everyday.  THIS, however, is a more accurate reflection of real life.


heidiann(e) said...

I am VERY impressed by the hulk in the egg.

And the "all of them photos" are so lovely. Those girls are so lovely. And those boys are scrumptious.

Abigail said...

We ate them up for dessert. (YUM.)

Rebecca said...

Actually, I was thinking Peter had found the best hiding place ever!

And while that hulk egg is impressive- it is also incredibly creepy. :-)

Abigail said...

If he were smart and had hidden UNDER the roses, it would have been a good hiding spot, but that wouldn't have looked as pretty, and Peter has always been keen on making things look pretty.

cadie said...

You do set the table in such a lovely way. I love the flowers, the egg place-cards, and Peter Rabbit in the roses. However, the real life commotion and living and eating that destroys it all is really the best. ;-)

Luci has a funny way of smiling. :)

Abigail said...

I know. It's more a grimace, if truth be told!